San Diego Comic-Con

This is my third trip to San Diego Comic-Con and it promises to be one of the best yet. This space will be updated with photos from my phone. Liveblogging below!


10:00am: 24 panel with Jon Cassar and Kiefer (Keifer?) Sutherland. I don’t like the show and I’m not sure why it’s here, but the panel was entertaining enough. No swag.

9:00am: My butt is planted in a primo Ballroom 20 seat! I wonder if they’re giving out bathroom passes yet…

4:00amish: We’re in line. It’s not really possible to sleep.

3:15am – we’re ready a little early and roll out the door. The convention center is about half an hour away.

2:00am – alarm goes off. Just five more minutes, Con!

Preview Night

This was my second Preview Night, and I’ve always found it to be smooth and easy. I’m not one that cares about being first in line to buy new toys, so I’m fine with drifting in around 5:00 to pick up my badge and bag.

I wandered the exhibit hall for a bit, just looking, as I mostly do. I did go through the Outlander booth, and got a free bandana (they had other swag – you draw a card to see what you win). I didn’t actually like the Outlander book, but maybe the TV show will be less dubcon and homophobic. It would certainly be very much my cup of tea otherwise.

When the crowds got a little too overwhelming I went back upstairs. The iZombie screening was cancelled so I watched Teen Titans Go (not my thing – I miss Zim!) and then Constantine.

Disclaimer: I really only knew Constantine from the dreadful Keanu movie and his appearances in… Sandman? I think Sandman. So I don’t have an emotional investment in the character. But – I absolutely loved the show! It suffered a bit from pilotitis (exposition upon exposition) but every show has that. As soon as I got home I downloaded Hellblazer v1 to my Comixology app. I’m really ashamed I haven’t read It yet – it’s awesome.

Then we watched The Flash, which was fine. (I’m more into horror than heroes.)

Dropped into bed at 10pm, and fell asleep directly!